Indulgences at Graycliff Restaurant

Indulgences at Graycliff Restaurant
From USD $75.00
  • Duration: 90 Minutes (approx.)
  • Location: Nassau, NP
  • Product code: INDULGENCE

Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant, known for its exceptional dining and hospitality, introduces a unique culinary adventure – the Indulgences series. This exclusive offering invites guests to explore the art of pairing fine wines and spirits with delectable bites for a truly indulgent afternoon experience.

The Indulgences series will be hosted in the inviting ambiance of Graycliff’s Lounge. Each session is led by a knowledgeable sommelier or bartender, who will expertly guide guests through the selection of beverages. To enhance the experience further, one of the skilled waitstaff will lead guests through the culinary pairings, ensuring a seamless and immersive journey of taste and discovery.

"Our aim with Indulgences at Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant is to offer our guests an experience combining our finest elements of gastronomy and hospitality," says Enrico Garzaroli, CEO of Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant. "We are excited to provide guests the opportunity to savour the interplay of flavours and aromas from expertly paired wines or spirits with exceptional culinary creations."

Each Indulgences experience is unique, offering a chance to explore a different culinary theme with carefully curated selections from Graycliff’s award-winning wine and spirits lists. For example, “Bubbles & Lobster” pairs three distinct sparkling wines – Champagne, Prosecco, and Sparkling with lobster prepared in three ways. Other Indulgences are “Bubbles & Conch,” “Bubbles & Chocolate,” “Wine & Cheese,” “Rums & Chocolate,” and “Tequila & Seafood,” and many more.  

January - Tequila & Seafood

February - Bubbles & Lobster

March - Bubbles & Conch

April and May - Bubbles & Lobster

June - Rum & Chocolate

NB - Cancellations less than 24 hours in advance will result in full charges applying.